Wind Blows

Day 3
Mileage: 25.8

Total distance: 68.4

Camp tonight is my favorite. EXCEPT THE WIND!!! It never stops! Constant cold air blowing over your back and numbing your hands to where typing is impossible. I swear this will take five hours. Camp is gorgeous though. An amazing sun lit mountain that has been painted with pinks and purples stands off in the distance as my backdrop and the birds are going off. 

I slept great last night and woke up naturally around 6, but was lazy again in the process of getting out of my fart bag. Immediately the wind was on and would dominate my day. I got hiking around 8 am and slowly got my legs working beginning the descent off Laguna Mountain. The pines were gorgeous and the wind made them dance, but shortly after appreciating them I came to the edge of the mountain, which drops straight down into the desert. 
The trail skirted along the eastern face of this ridge line and the wind just blasted over the peaks. For about 15 miles it was nothing but beautiful mountainous views to the east and gorgeous pone forest on my left, but the wind. just. dominated. everything! I tuned out most of my thoughts and tried my best to laugh off the ridiculous pummeling my body took from this wind. The clouds hazed the sun off and on and those brief moments of warmth and stillness were like entering nirvana. There were beautiful rock formations that would drip along the sides of the bluffs like icicles on a barn. When the clouds would drift over the valley and hang above the desert floor they disperse like cotton candy in a stream. 

Around 3 pm I was about 22 miles in and nearing the end of the descent and my daily low sunk in hard. I’m not sure if it was a lack of food or water or sleep or all three, but my mental and physical energy was shot. I took a twenty minute break and tried to shake it off, but this time it was here to stay and it would dominate me for the last 4 miles into camp. It’s like a deep soreness that feels like you’ve got the flu and breathing feels like a major effort in itself. This seems to be my biggest issue out here so far, but a good nights sleep always does the trick.

My energy started to come back as I got closer to the campsite and was so excited to have a water source and stretch and get to bed early, but of course nothing is easy. I got to camp around 4:15 pm and saw a sign that said, “Hikers, there is water in the tank. Bring a rope and a cup and ingenuity”. I was not inspired by this person’s whit. The tank had about two inches of water in it along with some old bottles and medical tape. The next source potentially could be 32 miles away and I was in no shape to do another 20 feet. Luckily a new friend named Neil Bob showed up to give me some company, but would be pressing on to a town 11 miles off trail to the west. My friend from last night showed up and busted out his pot so together we crafted a device to scoop water and then filter it and pray for health. He bleached his without filtering. Wtf? There were floaties all up in that shiz. Not me man. Not me. We sat for a while and relaxed until deciding to pack it in for the evening, but was met with a new face. An older man with a single pole and no gear. Supposedly this guy is on the trail, but has been taking a few days off from and busted knee. He also really wanted me to know that he has been traveling around for the past 7 years and every time he said that he looked right into my as if to say, “What? You don’t believe me?” Chill dude though. Doing his thing now. Also he said he only ate three crackes and drank half a liter of water today and did 28 miles. Pshhhhhhhhhhhh… Wacko
I got my tent set up and enjoyed the last bit of the sun painting the sky and just as I was about to turn in for the night a kite flew up in front on me and displayed it’s glory for a solid ten minutes. I was dumbfounded. I love that bird. Tried to get a picture but it dove as soon as i got my phone out. So, suck it. That was for me. 

  • Tank water ain’t dank water. 

Thought of the day: 

When will lemonade be available on Spotify?

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