Day 19 Mileage 12.4

Total distance: 566.4
Not much to say about today as of now. I’m currently hiding from the sun waiting to see Molly after hiking a chill 12 miles trough windmills. There has been a cool breeze all day and some clouds to keep off the sun. It’s so hard to hike when you know that soon you will be relaxing and resting so these past 12 miles have been so easy, but some of the hardest to stay motivated for. 

I woke up many times throughout the night and kept going back to sleep until 7. I had a frustrating poop and got on the trail. Four miles in I came up to an rv owned by Legend where two hikers sat handing out massive pancakes. So big I actually couldn’t finish one. Also I had just ate five minutes before at a river crossing and didn’t know the rv was there. I blew it. 

As much as I love the scenery today I kept thinking about all the windmills and their purposes and how much they do and got pretty critical of them and whoever put them there. I know it’s all going to la. Just like the water in the aqueduct and now these beautiful rolling, grassy hills have massive white metal spinning noisy machines stabbed into the earth all through the valley. Thousands of them. Anyways, I got over my criticism and just got excited to see Molly and spend the day resting and relaxing. 

This will be my last town before entering the Sierras and a much needed visit from Molly before starting the next section of trail. 

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