Emperors of Nero

Day 38

Mileage: 11.7

Total distance: 1090.8

This morning I refused to get out of my bag due to the exhaustion I felt. Then I realized I would be spending the day in Tahoe and got my ass up quickly to knock out 12 miles before ten. 

Today was pure magic. Everything that happened worked out perfectly. I tried so hard to make things happen and nothing worked the way I wanted it, but it worked out better than I could have asked for. 

Petunia and I got into town around 11 and went straight to a Chinese buffet with a ride from a sweet couple in a black Toyota truck with a thick layer of dog hair in the back seat and an overwhelming pot smell that reminded me of those nights behind my seminary in a Ford Focus.  We were offered weed in the process and left sober to eat msg’s for two hours. 
Five plates later we finally left the restaurant to sit in a hiker area sectioned off in an outdoor shop five minutes down the road. I was able to trade my darn toughs for a new pair freely at the outfitters, but had to wash them first and we had no idea what our day was going to look like. Petunia left to do a finger printing for outdoor Ed next year and finally returned for the two of us to walk down the strip to wash our clothes and eat burritos to pass the time. We both wore our rain gear in the hot summer sun and stuck to our black plastic for two hours in the humid heat. This was my daily low point and I failed even further to eat spicy salsa with my chips. Damn. So. Low. 

We went back to our laundry and wore only our pants while families came in to change out their clothes with our dirty, naked bodies stinking up the building. We finally left and flew back to the outfitters to change out my socks and meet Ryan at the natural foods store. Perfect. 

Ryan has been living in Calimo as a raft guy and is incredibly outgoing, and adventurous and decided to drive an hour or two away to visit me on the trail. I found him in the health foods store around 5 and we began an incredible night with Petunia on the town of South Lake Tahoe. 

We drove to buy a 24 pack at a cvs and then headed back towards the Nevada border to eat free pizza and drink in the midst of a local downtown,  blue collar section of the city. 

We had each had a few beers before entering the restaurant and were all so excited to be in a new town at a new restaurant with so many people and so much love music that our energy bled over to the other guests feasting on pizza. A man was so attracted to our energy that he bought us all a round as we cheered to an evening of peace in a small town of maximal economic significance that openly accepted our vagabond exterior. The waiter spoke freely with us about his love of nature and we decided to meet him tomorrow on the trail twenty miles in to spend the evening making new friends and sipping whiskey. 

We all had a solid buzz on the ride to Ryan’s friends roommates house and Ryan walked right in with a smile to open the rest of us into a place of Freedom and comfort. Immediately I volunteered to shower while Ryan and petunia played with the dog and settled into couches with The Office on while carrying small talk with all the house mates. 

I came out of the shower to join the rest and found myself glued to a couch with plenty of beer and entertainment before me. 

A roommates boyfriend came home and told us about his exhausting day raft guiding and left Ryan to pass out in boredom on petunias lap during the tales. Slowly the house mates made their way to bed and petunia and I closed down the living room with pbr and a light dimmer to wind down our brains to slip into nirvana until 6 am and a thirty  mile day. 

  • Our room in the Outdoor store. 

Having people around who are so open and free and welcoming seriously creates a space in me to feel accepted and alive in my expression or the content I confess to anyone around. I am lying on a couch in a warm home because of a few connections I’ve made in life and now find myself cushioned by pillows and clean under a warm cotton blanket ready to fall asleep with an incredible day to reflect upon. Life can be so diverse and pull you in a million directions in the blink of an eye and all we can do is hold on and trust ourselves that when the right moment hits we will take the bait and seep into the fullness of what we choose and become more than we could imagine. 

If you would like to meet Petunia, follow the link below:


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