Goose Egg

Day 56
Mileage: …
Total distance: 1653.4

I woke up this morning to a fellow hikers alarm and got up quick to motivate the rest of the herd to get back to the trail since we had an hour drive on the dirt road before we could start hiking. Everyone moved slowly and I even dragged along wishing for another minute of sleep, but within thirty minutes we were all packed in the jeep with sober girl and I was able to flee the house without making any contact with cougar woman. We giggled about it all morning as we were packing up. 

We got to the trail around 8 and I felt nauseous so I ate some food before I started hiking. The other guys had breakfast at the cafe and I chunked a deuce as I headed down the trail, excited to climb and get into Oregon. 

My shin hurt with every step I took and I tried my best to ignore it before the massive climb out of the valley. I walked about a mile when the trail begins the climb and I hesitated at the crux and thought to myself, “this could get a lot worse if it already hurts this bad”. I stood there for a few minutes thinking about what I was going to do and eventually caved to walk the mile back into town and take my first zero. Bummed. So. Bummed. 

  • The rv park I stayed at. 

I hated submitting to pain and not keeping my streak going, but my body wasn’t with me and I had to listen. I walked back and sat in front of the store defeated for an hour before making my way to the rv park where I would spend the rest of my day wasting away watching a million movies. 

  • My resting place. Not the cosiest place, but it’ll do. 

I walked in and a large man wearing a turquoise tank top and purple shorts named Bruce took my money and gave me the run down of the place. He was extremely kind, but I just didn’t feel at home. I ended up sitting alone for hours watching Up, Straight Outta Compton, Minority Report, Horrible Bosses 2 and Total Recall.

I had some anxiety as I sat alone in a filthy room for hours and it eventually wore away when I got up to get dinner and turned on Oceans Eleven. A few other hikers showed up to give me company and we drank a little beer and ate a ton of food while the movie played. 

My shin already feels a million times better and I’m gonna take off in the morning with a steady pace in hopes that the pain stays away. After almost two months on trail I am content with finally receiving a zero and vegging out all day, but I can never get rid of the yearning to work my body and press on towards Canada. 

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