Slow and Steady

Day 66

Mileage: 18.3
Total distance: 1740.2 

Wahoo!!!!! After 18 miles my shin feels as it did this morning, which is super encouraging in that it didn’t get hurt today or get worse as the day went on. I woke up with a little pain when I touched the area, dumb, but other than that it has been solid all day. The swelling has come back big time, but I’m hoping that it is only inflammation and will go away in a few days.

When I woke up this morning I had a hangover from my sad mood last night in getting used to being on the trail again, but within a few miles it subsided and I felt alive and joyful on the trail. Oregon is the sexiest piece of trail I’ve ever seen. So smooth. So green. So shaded. Perfect. I wish I wasn’t injured so I could run it, but I’m glad I’m injured on a smooth trail so I can heal quickly without too much stress from elevation gain.

Most of the day was hidden in the shade of the firs, but I had off an on exposure to the 100 degree weather and was always happy to be back under the canopy of the pines. I ended up taking a long break at Green Mountain Inn where I downed a few cokes and iced my shin while talking with Molly and charging my phone. I was lucky to catch a ride back to the trail from the owner who is an elderly man, soft spoken with an incredibly gentle way of telling you that you’re crazy for hiking 2,700 miles. 

Once I got back on trail I pretty much talked in the phone until I got to camp. I love having service and being able to connect with people I love while I hike. It’s something I miss the most from the AT; hiking with people and having conversations to pass the time. Time flew by and before I knew it I was at Hyatt Lake Campground. There are free showers here and a place for hikers right on the lake that rests in a beautiful valley with a view of an incredible mountain opposite from my spot. As I set up camp I watched hundreds of birds flying around catching mosquitos over the lake while the light dimmed and those sparkling stars began to shine. 

I’m sleeping in my net only tonight to look at the stars and feeling so uplifted and free today from worries and stress about my shin or about timing in finishing the trail. I know that whatever the trail leads me too has purpose and value and the less I try to fight and control my path the more joy and peace I find. I feel so alive in the peace that comforts me to sleep tonight with the Stars dancing in the sky. 

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