Day 71

Mileage: 37
Total distance: 1904.1

I’ve been slowly regaining sped after my injury and Oregon is the perfect place to do that; flat land, small climbs, shade and mosquitos to run from. The only issue is that I still haven’t figured out how to stay hydrated. It’s ridiculous. Laying down tonight has felt like I have the flu again as it did in the desert. Thankfully I’m with good company and have been spoiled by hiker boxes. 

I woke up early this morning and was greeted by the rising sun as I began to pack my things once again for another day on the trail. I have been hiking slowly and using poles, but today I wanted to push it and put away the poles and see how the leg would hold up with a quicker pace. 

The first fifteen miles went by in a blur and I only took a small ten minute break to raise my leg in the air and do some stretching before blasting down the trail again. At this point, Oregon is pretty predictable; firs, lakes, duff and mosquitos. So I sort of zone out and move without much on my mind and enter into a meditative state engaging my body and focusing on keeping good posture while I move. 

I passed a few horses on the trail today and took a break in a campground while horses galloped around with riders on their backs. Horses are the most majestic creature ever to exist. That’s an objective fact. Their grace and physique and mane and strength and posture is a marvel to look at. I miss riding them in Texas and hope to one day own more and ride them across the country. Fantasy dreams, but fun thoughts while hiking. 

I eventually made it to the Shelter Cove turn off and when I got to the resort I met up with a few hikers who just unloaded good onto me; candy, chips, drinks and bars. I ate 4 pounds of food while I listened to them talk about their days and eventually laid my pad down on a table and like a homeless man made my bed in the middle of an open resort. It was late enough to not have to worry about being caught, but probably not the most respectful thing I’ve ever done, but have done it before and will again. 

I lay under light bulbs surrounding the building and the sound of neoair being wrestled by another hiker on another table next to me. My body feels achy and weak, but I’m slowly sipping water and I know that after a deep sleep I will wake up and feel refreshed and recharged for another big day in Oregon, unless I get woken up and asked to leave at 3 am. Let’s hope for the best. 

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