The Hook Up

Day 73

Mileage: 41.9
Total distance: 1974.7

I am falling deeply in love with early morning sunrises. I’ve been waking up around 5 to stay on top of the day and it has been lying off tremendously. Waking up and feeling the unlit morning air immediately wrap me in its grip forces me to wake up quickly and get moving. This morning was almost too cold and made me reconsider the early rise, until the sun came out. The colors of the sky in the morning always seem deeper and brighter to me, but maybe it’s just the joy of beginning a new day. 

So many wonderful things happened today it’s almost hard to recount, also I’ve had a few beers. Good beers. I rolled into elk lake resort around noon and was given a delicious sandwich from some trail angels and then followed them to the lake to swim and float on their floaties for a while. The crystal clear, blue water of elk lake blew my mind and my hobo shower was much needed. 

I left these few to continue hiking and eventually made it to a road that lead into Bend, OR where I met up with a friend of Molly’s who took me out for dinner and beers. We went to the original deschutes brewery and had incredible burgers and rich beers to wash it down. 

I was given a couch to sleep on and a shower to take and as I laid down to end my day I thought for a minute of the kindness I’ve been shown and wondering if it has bled over and caused me to be more of a giving and considerate person. Thru hiking shows you so many sides of yourself you haven’t interacted with before and getting to witness this in me has gotten me excited for the future and any opportunity that I may have to show love the way it’s been shown to me. 


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