Wedding Day

Day 76

Mileage: 38.8
Total distance: 2094.5 

I am currently sitting on the second floor of a massive lodge sipping a stout while below me a massive group of white people awkwardly vibrate to the sounds of a cover band playing an Aretha Franklin classic. Am I even thru hiking?

I woke up this morning completely spent. As I got my shit packed my eyes burned and I chugged a liter of caffeinated water. As I began to walk my eyes folded over forcing me to strain my eyelids in holding them open. Eventually I woke up, but it wasn’t until I ran into my other south bounding friend Snail! It’s so good to see familiar faces and talk about things beyond base weight and my horrible diet. Snail and I stretched for thirty minutes as we spoke and just as we crossed paths we split ways each completely a section the other had just finished. So wild. 

Trail today was incredible. As I hiked I felt some aches and pins, but nothing beyond normal. I wound around a lake which forced my elevation profile to be flat and smooth for a solid fifteen miles. I cruised along the terrain and hiked for a while with a 66 year old man who is partly retired as a bar tender along with his 6 month old spastic Springer. 

My body began to shut down in the heat of the day and I stupidly forgot to check my water schedule and missed the last source which forced a 10 mile waterless stretch until I made it to the lodge. This sucked horribly and I eventually felt my dry tongue sticking to the roof of my mouth. 

Luckily, I made it into town and snagged a hitch in the back of a truck and as the wind blew over my balding head I checked my phone to find out that Canada has allowed me to enter their country!! After a long and horrible fight they have succumbed and decided me worthy to enter their haven. Thank God. It would have forced me to hike 35 miles backwards if they hadn’t. 

Once I got to the lodge I went and ate a huge pizza to celebrate my Canada victory. I had an amazing bar tender who gave me the inside scoop on how to sneak a free shower from a room. He told me to walk down this one hall and walk past the blue door and grab a towel with confidence and then head back down the hall to enter room 38 which was now open and I could shower in there with a fifteen minute window before it would be cleaned. I followed his directions perfectly and as I left the steamy, smelly room with my body freshly cleaned I passed a maid and smiled mischievously. 

I heard some noises coming from upstairs and made my way to the top to see the shenanigans of the wedding. I found my spot in a corner and ordered another stout to keep me company as I watched the part?. I ended up leaving around 10 to find a stealth spot, which I also was told I could do by my waiter, and snuck into a thicket with a clearing to set up camp. There is a party outside for the meteor shower tonight and as I lay down I watch small shooting stars stream across the night sky with the majestic mount hood in the backdrop. I’m happy.   

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