Update: Blog Posts In Washington

So far on this adventure I have been writing a blog every night to sum up the day and then posting them when I get into town. This has been an extremely useful ritual for me in recounting my day and processing all that I went through and experienced. This has been one of the most difficult, beautiful, scary, exciting and life giving experiences I have ever had and as I step into Washington I have decided to limit how much I post for two reasons:
1.) With 500 miles to go I have to carry out an average of 35 miles a day. So far I have been averaging around 30 and northern Washington is considered one of the most difficult sections of the trail. This being said, I will be needing all the day light I can get and will be exhausted most nights as I finally get to lay down and pass out. Usually a post will take me 30 minutes and after 15 hours of straight hiking I would be doing the writing a disservice. I would rather wait until I have time and energy to full express all that I am experiencing. 
2.) I have really enjoyed getting to share my experiences publicly, but there is something wonderfully special in owning a piece of your history without anyone else’s perception or understanding. I haven’t every been much of a private person, but these last 500 miles I intend to keep to myself as a memory I hold as my own. There is something very romantic about that and I’m for the first time very drawn to the idea of no one knowing what I’m going through or dealing with. 
I will be posting a few blogs while I’m in the state. I hope to write three while I’m out here; one for the first week, another for the next and then one for my last day on the trail. I do still hope to post a picture everyday to Instagram. If you wish to follow that, Click Here
Thanks for following along during the hike and I hope you enjoy the finally few posts to follow! 500 miles to Canada!

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