Day 2: Camino Del Norte

Daily mileage: 17.8 miles 

Total miles: 27.9 

Sleep is the most precious thing when hiking and last night I did it for fourteen hours. I desperately needed some rest after all the traveling and when I woke up this morning I felt as if everything had been reset; my feet felt strong, my optimism was soaring, however, rain was still spitting outside. 

  • Ferry ride across the bay. 

I really enjoy breakfast on this trail. I get the privilege of eating in a lot of restaurants and for breakfast they serve things on small little plates and the coffee comes in tiny cups. It’s makes me feel fancy and I can’t help but laugh at the way I cut my pastries or sip my coffee. 

  • Stairs up to the lighthouse. 

  • Trail magic!

After a quick bite I began wondering through the town and found the trail that lead me out and up a steep set of stairs that run along the ocean giving incredible views of the coast below. I came across a lighthouse at the top of the climb and froze in amazement at the beauty and seclusion of this section only minutes out of the city. 

The trail mostly ran along paved, single lane roads and the rain stopped around noon. My feet feel so much better in these shoes and while I was in San Sebastián I bought some arch support before eating lunch on the beach. San Sebastián is beautiful. It’s a bigger city than I’ve been in yet and the beaches are amazing. I found a spot to stretch and eat and before I left went for my first swim in the Bay of Biscay. I lost my gauge, which isn’t surprising. 

After my swim I got back on trail and slowly climbed away from the town and back into the hills of northern Spain. The grade was low and my feet felt stronger and stronger as I walked, which I cannot express how relieved this made me feel after so much worry about what could go wrong if my feet didn’t get with it. 

The trail went in and out of ocean views and followed a single muddy track for most of the way. I came across a few pilgrims I met from the day before and met some new faces as I went. There are so many people on this trail who love along it and who are hiking it. Livestock can be found everywhere and today I got to pet a horse for a few minutes hoping I wouldn’t get yelled at by an aggravated farmer. 

The sun came out today and I felt pure joy off and on in the last few hours before I got into Orio. It seems like the classic way this hike is being walked by pilgrims is that you wake up at 8 and find a place to sleep by 1600 and after that you go out for dinner and a few drinks. Chill. I came into Orio a bit too early to call it a day so walked through town and pressed on into the hills to look for a place to came and came across this resort of sorts and was given a free shower and camping spot after a hilarious conversation with an energetic man from Holland. 

  • Looks like there will be sun soon!

I am sitting at a restaurant drinking my first beer on trail and about to eat a burger and fries. Life is good. I feel happy, strong, focused, peaceful and healthy. Thanks for reading and sending some love! 

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