Day 7: Camino del Norte

Mileage: 4.5 
Total distance: 123.6

There are days in life that randomly that are just perfect and even when you try and figure out all the variables that made it so perfect, you realize there in no formula and that it is all pure magic. 

Tyler and Naomi, my friends from California, and I woke up to the heat of the sun this morning on the grass behind the hostel. We slowly got our things together and made our way to a coffee shop where we sat for an hour or so chatting and enjoying the slow morning. We knew we weren’t going far, but didn’t exactly have a plan. 

After buying a few snacks, and wine, we headed out on trail. We only hiked for a little over an hour before finding a beautiful, rocky, flat hill side with amazing coastal access and a gorgeous cover with crystal clear, blue water breathing in and out with the tide. The two of them went ahead and got a swim in while I ate but then after Tyler and I explored the cove by scaling boulders and swimming across the cove to see the other side. We did a few jumps of some rocks and felt brave in our adventure. 

  • Cave of wonder. 

We decided to go explore more with Naomi and on the way we met up with a guy who is a 29 year old Physical therapist from Germany. He planned to go into the town for the night but instead joined us. We found another cover with some jagged rock formations and found various sketchy ways down the steep slopes without sliding into the ocean or other jagged rocks. This was glory. We explored small caves, jumped off rocks, let the ocean rock us and became so incredibly comfortable being little animals splashing in the wash. 

After an hour or so we decided to go get another few bottles for our fire tonight. So the three of them hitched into town while I rested and did some stretching. When they returned we decided to go for another swim. This time we went the other direction and found a tiny cove we called the toilet bowl or better know as “TB”. We would let the tide pull us out and wash us up on the algae padded rocks and twirl us around like rag dolls. Lots of giggles. We did this for a while and then found more rocks to jump off and new caves to explore. Before we left we took another TB dip and then discovered the TPB!!!! Tyler and I got in some white water tides and rode some bigger waves shooting us into the shore and ripping us back out again. The whole time we are giggling like ten year olds and hollering for more. I love the constant recognition of how lucky we were to be experiencing such a beautiful place. Also being name in the ocean is gold.

  • TPB

Eventually we had enough and went up to our camp spot to make a fire. At our fire we roasted wieners, told a bunch of wiener jokes, learned German words for wieners and ate hot dogs. We drank wine and laughed the kind of laughs that come from the depths of your belly and uncontrollably belt out of you. We played music, sang songs and created songs about Lecheeee, which I think is about fish cheese?? The sun went down over the ocean with seagulls and a few shrimp boats filling the portrait. The night was a perfect end to a perfect day. 

Eventually we all realized it was two and decided to get our beds ready. We are cowboy camping under the stars with the sounds of the tide singing us to sleep in thanks for our participation in its daily, ritualistic, fluid dance across the earth. A perfect way to spend the longest day. 

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