Day 13: Camino del Norte

Mileage: 4.7
Total distance: 250.8

This trail seems to be throwing every possible thing at me as if I’m being tested for something. After a bigger day yesterday my body began to do the normal aches and pains, but when I woke up today I had that feeling in my shins that I’ve had before that led to shin splints. So, I took an easy day physically, but mentally exhausting. 

I didn’t walk very far, but the trail was gorgeous despite the constant rain. The past few miles I’ve been walking alone the Pico’s and drooling over their hidden, clouded beauty. On my right was the ocean close at hand and I got several glimpses at the agitated waters on my short hike into Ribadesella. 

I desperately wanted to keep hiking and felt so inspired to do another big day, but I decided to be wise and learn from mistakes in the past and listen to my body. So I found the only albergue in town and our 19 euros for a bunk in a room with a shitty window view, while other rooms just as big or smaller had incredible sea views. I asked if I could go into one of the empty rooms instead and was told they weren’t ready yet even though every bed was lined with sheets and pillows and blankets and everything seemed just like mine, but I let it go. 

I laid down trying to nap, but the anxiety of my decision to rest just whipped my mind awake. I eventually sat up and noticed the sky clearing and the anxiety grew deeper. I decided to shower and relax and read m book, but when I went downstairs I saw hikers walk by and people with surf boards heading to the ocean to swim. I almost asked for my money back and probably should have. I just want to hike. That’s all I want. I just want to walk all day and not worry about shin splints and concrete and plantars fasciitis, but this is what is real and today I had to struggle in the truth of that and realize my place and trust I am where I need to be. 

I ended up journaling and reading and stretching on the beach and finding a coffee shop nearby to talk with my friend, Ryan, who is officially hiking the Pyrenees with me! Talking about that trail really helped my anxiety and bummered mood. I love this trail, but am desperate to hike with someone. I even joked today about going back and hanging with Naomi and Tyler until I left for Corsica and kind of bailing on this trail. I also looked at longboards today and thought about huffing one around for road walks and concrete paths, but after all my fantasies I came to the conclusion that I’m forgetting the point of this whole thing once again. I am hiking this trail to grow and heal emotionally and mentally and stressing about the hike won’t help and distracting myself socially won’t help. Tomorrow while I walk, regardless of where I go, my aim and goal is to reflect on myself and my path in life and meditate on choices and directions I can take to help guide me to becoming the person I want to be. Why the hell do I keep forgetting that?! However, every time I do, something always happens to remind me. I am very thankful for that. 

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