A Day In The Park

Last night was definitely not the best night of sleep I have ever had. Around 3 in the morning we were woken up by a group of drunk 20 somethings screaming some French songs at the top of their lungs twenty feet from our sleep spot. This wasn't a few seconds of song, but almost an hour of drunk energy blaring across the silent ocean. It was humorous to a point and I appreciated that they were having fun, but after a while it got frustrating as I recognized how truly exhausted I was. Fortunately, I found sleep to energize myself for a day full of magic and bliss.

When ryan and I did wake up we headed into the city to find some coffee to see that La Rachelle had turned into a heavily tourist location and both felt a bit off and groggy from the lack of rest we have had. As we sat in a coffee shop we both began to feel off and had a feeling the day would be a boring one and a time to heal and rest before anything fun and exciting came or way.

We left the coffee shop to go find our hostel we were going to stay at, but heard about a picnic near the park we slept at the night before and decided to go and give it at try to meet some new people. We went to a market and bought some bread and cheese and headed to the park.

When we got in the park we immediately saw a banner for the picnic, but were intimidated by the size of the people and didn't know if we were in the right attire for an event like this, but as we walked past we were greeted by a bright eyed, cheery young woman welcoming us and telling everyone our name inviting us to sit and join the group somewhere. A kind young French girl with her mother welcomed us on the blanket and shared food with us and we began to talk with the people all around.

Turns out this was a picnic promoting zero waste and other ecological concepts promoted by a group of people touring throughout France for the next month. The girl who had welcomed us was the organizer of the group and turns out ryan had been subscribed to her YouTube channel for a long time as he was learning French in America. We felt incredibly lucky to be there.

We ended up spending most of our day at this park hearing talks on permaculture and healthy eating. We met a ton of interesting people and were asked by a man and his family to join them for dinner after the event was over. As I laid in the grass hearing conversation all around me and feeling the joyful energy radiating off of all the people at the picnic I felt incredibly warm and peaceful like I was being comforted and told that I was exactly where I was supposed to be.

When we left the park we followed this family to dinner and found ourselves sitting a fancy restaurant with an insane view of the sunset behind us. We were given an amazing meal with fresh fish and cold, white wine. We stayed for almost two hours talking with the father of the family and learning various things about French culture and history. After a long and delicious meal we said goodbye to this incredible family and exchanged information if ryan and I happen through their part of France just north of Pairs.

Ryan and I then had a long walk to our hostel, but were filled with delicious food and positive energy from a beautiful day. We eventually made it to our hostel at a little past midnight and found our way to our room that we shared with two other guys and unfortunately woke them up when we walked in not knowing there were more people in the room. We both climbed into our beds to sleep in a bed for the first time in almost a week.

  • I am not a long quiet river.

Tomorrow we will have a huge breakfast in the hostel and take our first shower since Lescun. We both feel so free and in line with the direction we are being led. Things are going perfectly and the world around us is smiling on our circumstance. Tomorrow we are on to more adventure and memories of rolling in the tide.

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