Lucky Hitch

  • A little bit of tourist life before leaving Bordeaux.

Amazingly Ryan and I were able to sleep for about five hours in our crater in the park before we woke up to figure out what we would do with what was left of our day. After a slow process of gathering our things and waking up we headed out to find the main highway to begin hitching further north. We knew we most likely wouldn't get too far since it was late in the day, but we were amazed at what ended up happening.

  • This statue was all over Bordeaux. Still not sure what it is for.

After a long walk and a small hitch to the on ramp of a highway we began our hitch. We struck out for an hour in a tough place to hitch so we walked half a mile to the interstate to begin hitching on a busier road. While we sat down on the concrete slabs ending the road I wandered if there may be a better spot down the way. While I was down the road looking for a better place to hitch I heard ryan scream my name saying we had a ride. I sprinted back as fast I could and saw a car parked on the opposite side of the highway in the middle of the road letting us in the car. In a swift motion we crossed the road and jumped in the backseat heading off over the bridge to leave Bordeaux.

Our driver was a young college student driving his grandmother home after a visit. He was amazing and kind and excited to be picking us up with hopes of one day doing something similar. He dropped us off at a McDonalds in a small town next to the interstate so Ryan took a break eating cheap burgers and using free wifi.

After an hour or so we decided to try and hitch further north, but not with much hope since it was 9 pm and getting dark quickly. We ended up walking a mile or so to the main interstate again and walked across a toll booth next to a rest stop where we planned to hitch until 11 pm and sleep on the grass if nothing happened.

We became incredibly loopy and exhausted while we hitch and danced on the side of the interstate not feeling like anything was going to happen. It was 10:55 and I had completely given up on trying to get to a town called La Rochelle that was on the coast maybe two hours away. At 10:58 a car swerved across three lanes to stop in front of us and we were offered a ride by a middle aged French man on his way home to La Rochelle. We couldn't believe our luck and got in the car for a long ride north.

Ryan spoke with the driver for a while before taking a nap and I sat in the backseat so thankful for all that was happening for us. Our driver drove twenty minutes out on his way to leave us in the center of La Rochelle where we found a very lively city still very much awake at 1 in the morning. As we walked around we saw huge old buildings and fortresses along the port of the old harbor. There was a man who caught a fish and excited all the people around us. Some random guy walked up and grabbed the fish after it was brought up on shore and walked away with it. No one seemed to care as if it were some agreement or friendship between the two.

We had no idea where we were going to sleep, but we found a park near the coast not far away so we found our spot on top of an old fortress up some stairs tucked away from the lights of the port town. It smelled a little and wasn't the most comforting place in the world, but we were exhausted from the last two days so we laid down happy to be finding a place to sleep.

This journey has been so good for us so far and it seems to be working out in every way. It's nice not feeling like I have to fight a current or upkeep some plan and I feel like I am exactly where I am supposed so be. Sometimes the best way to live is in freedom from expectation and letting your only goal be to trust and live in peace with all that surrounds you. I feel like we are resting well and finding guidance in the purest form.

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