A Day of Rest

Waking up outside feels more and more like what I am supposed to be doing on this trip with the contrast of city life and nature moments. The bummer of this morning was waking up with the sun beating ryan and I down and forcing us to get up with only a few hours of sleep. Our friends were already stirring about and considering getting our things together to head to the beach for a swim. So with a little bit of time for breakfast we started to get our things packed and bushwhacked out of our camp spot into the open for a few hours of swimming on the rocky beach. 
The beach was nothing but broken rock so it was a bit tough for ryan and I to get far enough out to swim, but I decided to leave my shoes on and take everything else off and run into the ocean as far as I could go. I looked back and saw my naked friend join me in the open ocean a few hundred miles from where we swam only two weeks ago in Spain. Our friends sat in the shallow waters relaxing and playing fetch with Jack. We ended up joining them, but not for long and all felt hungry and ready to begin traveling again. 

We drove into a small town to get kebabs where I was given a sewing kit to try and sew the massive holes that have formed in the back of my shirt. This shirt has seen some miles and surprisingly is still holding up, although holes have formed on the shoulders and back. We didn’t stay for long in town, but learned that the younger girl was heading into another city to catch a train to go home. Ryan and I felt like we needed to keep heading north so unfortunately we had to say a very hard goodbye to our new friends. They were so incredibly kind and drove us to a good road to hitch from where we exchanged emails and hugs and bisous (kisses) before leaving. Their energy was exactly what ryan and I have been wanting to find; some good and comforting people to be around and feel loved by and express love to. We headed off feeling recharged and filled. 

Within ten minutes we had a hitch from a guy going all the way to Nantes and gave us some advice on the city. We planned to wild camp in the city, by were told it had a violent side so we bought an air bnb and went for a beer before findig out home in the city center. We thought about leaving to go out and party, but both felt a little drained and decided to stay in and hang out with a ton of kittens and sleep early to rise and wake up early with the city. 

Today has been a really slow day mentally, but deeply recharging and inspiring. Tomorrow we will wake up and get out to explore more. For the moment we sleep in a bed with clean hair and butts next to kittens who are very cute, but also getting to be a bit much as they won’t stop getting into our shit. Ryan and I have been resting in our bed discussing the possibility that I may have a different enneagram type number than the one I have thought for so long, giving me a lot to think about as if I haven’t already had enough. However, it’s nice to be able to rest without stress or anxiety, expressing needs and communicating clearly and peacefully with people you love. I hope to keep that train rolling.  

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