Getting Celtic

It has been a few days now of finding rest and being in quieter places without late nights and wild stories. It has been really good for us to regain some energy for the surprisingly exhausting vagabond lifestyle, but today we were ready to find adventure and after a few hours exploring Vannes we decided to head further north deeper into Bretagne to see what we could find. 

  • Camp

Vannes didn’t offer me very much, although it was a beautiful, modest port town with a wall around the city and cute boats docked in the harbor. It had a nice feel, but there were millions of people flooding the streets for the month long outdoor sales and my anxiety got a hold of me wading through the chaotic slug of the slow moving conveyer belt of materialism. Ryan and I were on our way out of the city when we heard three loud “oooo’s” coming from a restaurant and saw our friends from our wild night in the woods finishing up dinner. We gave huge hugs to the couple and were given a ride out of the city after they finished their meal and ryan and I did one last sight seeing expedition. It was crazy to see them again and completely unexpected. It felt so comforting seeing people we know and receiving such genuine and loving hugs. I can’t wait to get home and get some love. 

We were dropped on the highway heading north and said goodbye again to our wonderful friends and began our hitch. We didn’t feel like beginning right away so we found a small place in the woods nearby to sit for a while burning some palo santo and taking some breaths to get our heads straight and find ourselves on track with the ways we both have began to grow. 

After a few minutes of rest we began to hitch. It didn’t take long until we caught a ride from an amazing dude with a beautiful dog who I got to love on for the entire ride into Rennes. She covered me in hair, but it was completely worth it. Ryan and I were dropped on the outskirts of the city and began a long walk into the heart of the town. 

Immediately we both had negative vibes from the city and after we got some food at a market decided to leave and find another place to go. We wanted to get into some crazy atmospheres, but didn’t know where to look in Rennes so I got on my phone and found out that only an hour drive away was a festival in a town called Combourg. It sounded good to us so we left Rennes after a slow walk through the mid evil streets beginning to reconsider staying. Something about Rennes and Bretagne in general feel Celtic and I for some reason am incredibly attracted to it. I feel like I’m in the Lord of the Rings and waiting to find fairies or elves around every corner. I love enchanting and magic atmospheres and Rennes brought it to the table. 

As we were walking to our highway we were approached by a man asking us if we wanted a ride to the end end of town. We got in his tiny car that felt like a rocket ship about to take off and were given a ride to the highway leading into Bretagne. The weather today was cloudy with a drizzle that came on and went away many times throughout the day. It enhanced that Celtic vibe I was enjoying, but causing a little bit of low energy having to hitch while getting wet. Fortunately we never had to wait very long. 

  • Ryan hiding from the rain in small villages on our way to the festival. 

Within three hitches in 2 hours we were in Cambourg after traveling north through tiny French villages that bordered the line of fantasy and reality. I could definitely live in Bretagne. When we got into Combourg I couldn’t believe my eyes and began freaking out about what might come of our night. 

  • Feelin like cinderella. 

Across the lake there was a huge castle on a hill with small old buildings off to the right in the village center. I felt like we were going to a ball and could hear music coming from every direction. We slowly made our way into the town and found bands playing on every corner. Every kind of music was represented from reggae to country to Celtic to strange men playing disco beats in rotating colored lights under the cover of a restaurants vestibule. 

I felt so deeply happy and lucky to have found this place. Ryan and I wandered around for a long time before we got stuck watching beautiful humans play accordions and drums and bag pipes with listeners doing traditional dances in circles around them. The culture felt rich and magical and I wanted to be embedded deeply in the roots of all that it was, but was happy just watching. 

After a long time of walking around and listening to all sorts of sounds we began to feel the day wear on us and went to find a place to sleep. We walked back toward the lake and pitched my tarp in a field just outside the city wall. 


  • Galette Saussice (sausage crep)

Days like today feel like a perfect balance between resting in the flow of whatever comes our way and using our drive to look for things to inspire and motivate experience and adventure. Tonight we sleep under the heavy clouds with a soft noise of the city winding down and people finding their homes for the night. Tomorrow we will wake up to new adventure and find it in any way we can with peace in our hearts and trust in our souls. 

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