We woke up this morning earlier than normal with ryan having a bit of trouble breathing in the new colder air we have stepped into getting further north along the coast of France. We went out to search for coffee to stimulate our bodies and lungs, but everything was closed. After walking around for a long while and buying fresh baguettes we found a small coffee shop and sat down for a while to write and think of our next step along the way. Combourg had blessed us with a night of wonder and magic, but we wanted more and would set out to find it. 

Ryan found out about a castle on the edge of Bretagne and Normandie so we decided to start hitching and spend the day exploring Le Mont Saint Michel. Within a few hitches we were dropped off at the free charter bus that goes to the bridge of the castle. I had no idea what to expect, but when we got to the castle and I looked up at the majesty of the towering ancient building my jaw dropped and I immediately began feeling the desire to live another life in the mid evil ages. 

The castle was incredibly impressive stationed in the middle of the ocean at high tide and accessible on foot at low tide. It was enormous and detailed to the smallest square foot of concrete and brick. Unfortunately it cost too much for ryan and I to get inside, but we spent a long time walking around the small villages nestled around the feet of the castle. 

After a while we decided to head out to the road and continue heading north. We knew we wanted to stay along the coast because we heard of a beach town called Etretat near Le Havre, but didn’t know if we would make it there tonight. There was a city in between us and the beach called Caen so we decided to make that our destination. After another few quick hitches we found ourselves at a tram station taking us into the city. 

  • We stayin fit. 

The city felt a bit overwhelming to me and as ryan went to eat Chinese food I decided to take some time alone and walk around the castle in the middle of the city, listening to music and writing on the edge of the castle wall. I spent an incredible hour watching the sun lower over the city and reflecting on all that life has brought me to in the last few months. There have been major highs and deep lows and I am thankful for every step along the way. I’m sure I’ve been a burden to my travel buddy working through all that’s been going on, but he has been incredibly patient and helpful on our travels. There is soooooo much more still to come. 

Tonight we sleep in a wooded area behind some house that ryan walked behind to see a man standing near his window staring at him as he dimmed his lights to red and then dimmed further until they were off, staring at ryan the entire time. Wtf? It’s gonna be a little hard to sleep knowing that just happened, but Mostly I feel safe. Tomorrow we head to Etretat to see the cliffs and continue east into Belgium! 💜

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