We’ve been landlocked for a few days now and have finally returned to the ocean where the feeling of infinite resides. After a long day of hitching and street dancing we found ourselves looking over endless water with high cliffs squeezing us with welcoming hugs. It’s been a day full of rides, but it was all worth it. 
Ryan woke up before me today and went to the local Mickey d’s for coffee. I slept in for a much needed slow morning and eventually made my way back into the city to find ryan. We left Caen around one in the afternoon and spent the next five hours hitching around the bay getting dropped off twice in places that made hitching harder, but we were thankful anyway. 

We were dropped off in Le Havre for dinner and bought huge burgers and milkshakes before heading out again. We were lucky to catch two rides headed up the coast and out of the city vortex we so easily get tangled in. Around 6:30 we found ourselves in Etretat and slowly walked through the small village admiring the beautiful little homes and buildings on our way to the ocean. 

When we got to the coast we were stunned at the massive cliffs and rock formations dominating the landscape. The ocean was welcoming and calm so I went for a short swim out to a dock where I sat for a while watching the water move and the clouds drift over the village behind me. 

Ryan and I wanted to watch the sunset so after getting water filled in the casino we headed up the cliff to watch. We found a nice little spot away from all the tourists and spent an hour or so quietly watching magic over the sea. 

It eventually got dark and cold so we headed down the hill to find a closed park and jumped the gate to find a space hidden out of site to sleep. We found a man made cave with chairs in a circle inside. We moved the chairs and laid our things down to sleep. We’ve got food shelter from the wind and will sleep peacefully tonight. I’ve got some issues in my throats and feel like I may get sick, but have been chugging water and vitamin c hoping to fight it off before it hits. Tomorrow we continue along the coast for our last day in France! I can’t believe we will be in Belgium so soon and have no idea what will happen next, but I’m excited and feeling free and healthy. 

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