A Day of Firsts 

Ryan and I woke up around 7 am to small rain taps on the forehead forcing us out of our bags. We were camped right off the highway so we didn’t have to walk far to start hitching. Unfortunately the theme of the day before seemed to carry over into this morning as we stood for almost two hours watching car after car drive by and ignore us. Feeing defeated we decided to head back into the town of Leer for the millionth time now and find a ride share to Hamburg, which would end our streak of not paying for a single mile of our hitching trip since we left the Pyrenees. We’ve offered money, but non has been taken. This wouldn’t be the only streak that would end for us today. 
We stepped out of the rain into a small coffee shop after walking around the city center looking for a place that could host two vagabonds. I found us a cheap ride up north, but it wasn’t leaving until noon so we settled in to write and relax before meeting our ride at the train station. 

Our ride to Hamburg was nice. Our driver spoke a little English, but mostly spoke to her sister in German letting ryan and I rest in the back seat and do our own thing. As we were driving in the highway ryan noticed a car next to us that wasn’t letting us in as we merged into a new lane and as he was telling our driver we got too close and were hit by the oblivious driver next to us. Fortunately we weren’t going very fast and it was a small hit, but we were on the middle of the highway without a side lane and stupidly the guy who hit us pulled over in the middle of the street. Cars were pissed and honking, but eventually started moving around us. Ryan and I got out and stood behind the car to keep cars moving around ours while our drive spoke to the guy who hit us and did the whole shitty info exchange before we could leave. Ryan and I both found time to pee in the woods during all of this. I realized this was bound to happen sooner or later with all of the driving we are doing. Thankfully nothing was seriously broken and no one was hurt and after a short time we were back on the road. The rest of the ride was slow in traffic and quiet in the car. We did our best to make our driver feel ok, but I think she felt a little embarrassed and was doing her best to stay focused on getting to Hamburg. 

She was super kind and dropped ryan and I off at a train station where we met our host for the night and were given keys to an apartment nearby. We made our way through the city to our home and went inside to shower and relax after a long, rainy, cloudy, muggy and kind of numb feeling day. I much prefer the excitement of hitching and taking a lot of time resting outside talking with ryan and laughing and feeing completely at the mercy of the wind giving us rides when we need to get them. Buying rides feels a little controlling and I’ve been so happy to step further out of that mentality and habit. 

We laid around for a long time watching a documentary on Ayahuasca and having good talks on life and who we are becoming and how to grow. After a while we went for a nice walk along the river. This was my favorite part of the day. It was dark out and the city seemed alive as the rain had finally ended. We stayed out for about an hour sitting next to a huge ship continuing our conversation. 

Eventually went back to our home where we met up with our host again who had a friend over. We were given a beer and sat for a while talking when more people began to show up. After an hour there was a house full of people and ryan and I found ourselves again in an incredible experience talking with about all sorts of things with energetic and creative people our age with passion and joy. 

We ended up staying up pretty late feeling nice and buzzed from all the drinks we were given by our host and other people who brought gin and tonics and wines. Slowly people began to leave and our host decided she wanted to go dancing. Ryan and I desperately wanted to join, but it was super late and we were exhausted. Also it cost 13 euro, which hammered the nail in for us to stay behind and go to sleep. 

Today was a slow day. It was nice to have the luxury of a straight ride to Hamburg while it rained all day, but I’m excited to get back to some adventure in travel and having to relax in not knowing where we will go or when or how we will get there. I’m enjoying the mystery of life and finding a ton of growth in my heart and mind and clarity in my understanding of who I am and who I am becoming. Tomorrow we head to Berlin!

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