Cops and Colds

In the last four days we have been in four countries and have been able to find rides fairly quickly all along the way, until today. We were still able to make it into Germany, but weren’t met with the same excitement we had for being in the new country. We had some new experiences today that made it a day worth remembering. 

We woke up in a bed this morning after sleeping in and getting a lot of much needed rest. I’m still feeling sick and carrying around some sinus issues and chest congestion, but I think it’s getting better. Really I’m just trying to stay positive and hopeful. I really don’t want to pay for another doctors visit after the last one made me feel stupid for going. In any case, we got a lot of rest and I left the house to find a coffee shop and spend some time alone to start the day. 

When I returned to our home we started to get our things ready to go and I found some scissors to cut my shorts a little shorter, but accidentally cut the crotch out and turned them into a skirt. I then had to wear them into town to buy new shorts with a white polo on that our host let me wear. I turned heads the whole way there and back, but now have new shorts and shoes and sunglasses, all for 20 euros. 

It was much later than ryan and I hoped to leave by this point and we had dreams of getting to Hamburg today, but knew it was a long shot with how far we had to go. We were already told we’d have a place to stay if we made it there so now it was just a matter of getting there. 

The first half of our hitching wasn’t bad. We got rides quickly and made our way into Germany by 4:30. We still had 120 miles to go and unfortunately were dropped off in a horrible place to hitch near a road construction area on the interstate. After an hour of zero hitches we ventured onto the highway to walk past the road construction to look for a better place to hitch, but we didn’t get far. 

I saw the lights coming as ryan was climbing over the median and told him to stop. The cop car swerved over quickly and told us to not move. My heart sunk. It seemed way more intense than it ended up being. The driver was a sweet young girl and the other officer was a big jolly man who spoke broken English. We told them our situation getting dropped off in this shitty place and they told us to get in the car. They ended up being amazing people and took us to a spot to hitch off the highway, but it again proved to be a useless cause. No cars stopped. 

We changed our plans and tried to hitch into a town called Leer to hit the highway at a different spot, but when we got there nothing worked out again. We stood there for two hours and got nothing. Feeling defeated we decided to cancel our place to stay in Hamburg and try again tomorrow. 
We headed back to Leer and ate huge pizzas and then back to the highway to find a place to sleep near the road so we could get out in the morning. 

  • Supposedly this is as far as we can tho on the highway. Fortunately most of these signs are located on the on ramp. 

This is our first time feeling defeated in hitching, but we are hopeful for the morning. I’m also hopeful to wake up and find some relief from this sickness I’ve got, but we will see what happens. Germany seems to be a difficult place to hitch, but we might just be in a bad spot so tomorrow we will get out of here no matter what we have to do. Other than the hitching adventure our joy has been high and we’ve been having fun in every situation we find ourselves in. The Russian characters help pass the time for sure. This journey feels like it’s really becoming our life in a natural and genuine way and I feel like we are finding some ground to stand on with direction and trust in our hearts. Only three weeks left of this adventure and then back to California to begin another adventure I can’t wait to get back to. 

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