I woke up this morning to find my backpack, sleeping bag and shoes covered in slug slime. I swiped a few slugs away from my face and sat up to begin the day. Ryan and I laughed at the ridiculousness of the slug situation and vowed to never spend another night in slug city. We got our things and headed out to start our full day in the huge city. 

We had our daily morning ritual at a coffee shop and got a chance to get our heads straight stepping foot into one of the biggest cities in the world. This was more what I needed to do. I still felt a little weight from the previous day, but intended on making the most of my day with whatever came our way. After an hour or so we walked out into the business center of Berlin and started taking all of the pictures. 

We walked for a long while through the busy streets covered with tourists and venders. Eventually we made our way to Alexanderplatz, which is one of the biggest touristy things to do. We watched people jump of this building with ropes attached and listened to some incredible street musicians. We had a huge plan of seeing The Cabaret tonight since the story takes place in Berlin, but had a limited amount of time to be tourists before we had to return to buy our tickets. So we left to see the Berlin Wall before we needed to return to buy tickets. 

Little did we know that we had actually arrived at the wall on the anniversary of the wall being built; 8/13. I walked into several different monumental areas to take pictures and read the plaques on the history of the wall. We spent about an hour in silence walking along the wall before we realized it was getting late and we needed to get to our show. 

After we bought tickets to The Cabaret we went into a small building next to the theatre and took a small nap. After that we went to get some Chinese food and then made our way inside the theatre to our seats, which were incredible and on the inner ring surrounded by very well dressed people. We realized how ridiculous we probably looked sitting there wth torn and dirty clothes with smelly backpacks, but whatever. We wanted to see The Cabaret so we did. 

The show was absolutely incredible. This is Ryan’s second time to see it in the past two months. I saw it long ago with my family, but I don’t think we finished it because my mother didn’t know what it was about and within the first song you get a very clear understanding that the show is incredibly provocative and raunchy, but so perfect. So my family and I left pretty quickly. I was very young. 

After the show ryan and I realized that once again we were homeless in Berlin so we tried to figure something out other than sleep in slug city. We headed to the train station and found a spot by a Starbucks to lay our things down and try to sleep. We will lay here as longboard as we can until someone comes and kicks us out. 

Today has been a pretty solid day. A lot of tourist activity and a LOT of people. Tomorrow I’m hoping to find a quiet place with moving water to bask next to in the sunlight. It’s hard to keep riding the current when the city is so powerful and distracting, but thankfully I’ve felt fairly stable stepping into such crazy atmospheres. However, I know my limits and tomorrow I’ll need a break. 

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