Long Way Down 8/15

Waking up to the smell of pine trees and the sound of running water is one hundred percent my favorite way to wake up. This morning was golden and so good for my heart. Ryan and I slept until almost eight and slowly woke up with the day. I spent a long time listening to music and writing by the river before we decided to leave our wooded sanctuary and continue our journey back to France. 
We slowly walked back to the road outside of the forest and found a kebab shop to have lunch at. We were a long way away from a major highway, but found a tram that went pretty close to it. We exited our tram and found a spot to hitch on the highway and within ten minutes a man pulled over to pick us up. He was driving all the way to Nuremberg, which was further south than ryan and I were planning on going, but we couldn’t pass up such a huge ride halfway across the country. So we got in the car and were off. 

Our driver was a sweet older man who spoke a little English and kept trying to call his daughter who lives in Ireland to have us talk with her since her English was much better. We sat in silence most of the time and relaxed in the slow moving highway and traffic kept us at a crawl getting out of Dresden. 

About 40 miles before our drop spot we were met with a huge traffic jam that had backed up for miles and miles. Still not sure what caused it, but we sat for almost two hours at a stand still. Everyone was out of their cars talking with other people and taking pee breaks in the woods. Finally a cop car drove by and told us to get back in our cars and that the traffic would be moving soon. 

Our driver dropped us off at a small highway that was going into Nuremberg. He lived on the outskirts and was excited to get home after all the traffic. After a few failed hitching attempts we decided to get on a bus for three euro and get into Nuremberg quickly. We had been given a home for the night and we were excited to find it and relax for the evening. 
When we got into Nuremberg we were needing wifi to contact our host, but struggled finding some. We went into a Burger King after a short tour of the city and found or our host was on the opposite side of town. We got on the tram and went to find her. 

When we got to the bar she said she was at we couldn’t find her so we went to stand outside and wait to see if she would show up. After a few minutes a skinny guy with long hair and a wiry beard came out and told us we would be staying in his flat across the street. We went in to join him for a beer but didn’t stay for long. We were excited to shower and get to sleep so he gave us his keys and we made our way to his flat. 

When we got there ryan and I took showers and laid down for the night. My anxiety has again been through the roof today. My heart has this insane ache in it and my head feels like it’s on fire off and on. I’ve been doing my best to stay cool and go with the flow, but it’s getting pretty tough. I’m hoping a few more days of vitamins and finding peace in France will help, but we will see. My goal is to have as much fun as possible and to not let my desires to be home over power my current ability to see things I may never get to see again. Tomorrow is a new day and I will seek the light to get out of this darkness. 

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