Day 1- BFT

Day 1: BFT

Mileage: 14.7

Yesterday Molly and I made our way from Wildwood, CA to the Idea Cove Trailhead by way of ten hitches in the course of twelve hours. The Ides Cove Trailhead is gorgeous and nothing like the two hour drive up the mountain from Red Bluff, CA, which is the dry side of the Trinity Alps and incredibly hot. We camped out under the stars 7,000 feet up and slept deeply through the night.

We first started hiking in the wrong direction, my fault, but quickly caught back in the trail and made our way easing up and down a Ridgeline surrounded by soaring cedars and dainty douglas firs. The trail was mostly identified by a faint line through scree and brush fields and at times finding our route was difficult if not impossible. We got off and on trail a million times and towards the end of the day were so frustrated by the sharp poky bushes we decided to call it a quits by a pond we found in the midst of a waterless stretch.

The trail itself is gorgeous. It’s huge with a lot of incredible views of Shasta and Lassen and a ton of diversity in it’s style, in terms of ridgeline exposure and sporadic canopy coverage. The faint trail line in the Yolla Bolly wilderness is not something I will miss. I’m hoping for a more pronounced line tomorrow or a least less poky brush that has absolutely destroyed our legs.

It’s amazing having Molly out here to start this trail with me and will be hard to have to say bye. However, I’m looking forward to a slow walk through the Trinity Alps and hopefully will find myself on the Coast in Crescent City in a few weeks!

P.S.- We saw a rattlesnake and a bear today. Tons of bear shit all along the trail!

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