Day 2- BFT

Day 2: BFT

Mileage: 15.9

It was cold waking up this morning even though I didn’t leave my sleeping back until almost ten. I’ve been filling enjoying sleeping in and only getting up when motivated by Molly. After a quick poop and a refill on our waters we were off. The first two miles today were horrific. We waded through waist high thorn brush without a single trail insight for almost two hours. We would begin walking on what we thought was trail and then out of nowhere be completely submersed in brush. Eventually we made our way through and found a flowing creek to rest at before the next push.

From this point on the trail became clear and we’re able to put some miles down along a relatively flat grade easing along the inside of the Yolla Bolly northern range. The trees cleared out and we blasted through gorgeous Meadows filled with lupine and incredible views all around us.

We ended up on a dirt road after passing a gate that ended our section in the Yolla Bolly wilderness. There was a group of CCC workers enjoying their evening meal and we began our long road walk to piece together the next piece of this trail.

Eventually we found a spot to camp off the road we had been waking down. We made our fire, played our cards, made some tea and are now laying down looking up at the stars listening for any bears that might find our tuna scented bags something to investigate.

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