Day 4- BFT

Day 4: BFT

Our goal today was to get as close as possible let to Hayfork in order to have an extremely chill Thursday relaxing in a motel. Luckily the trail was mostly smooth and easy to follow. There were a few sections where the trail forced us up steep inclines that felt like walking up a wall, but they were short lived and led to gradual downhills or smooth road walks.

The trail has been relatively monotonous with a lot of dirt roads and large leaf maples covering us from the sun. We found some huge cones from ghost pines that have started coming into the trail which has been cool to see. There are tons of lizards all around scuffling away as we walked up on them.

Camp tonight is in an empty campground next to philpot river. We have a huge fire and are devouring all the food we have since tomorrow is town day! We are excited to shower and eat a huge meal. Next up it’s time to be solo again and begin the hike into the Alps.

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