Day 6- BFT

Day 6- BFTToday was not my favorite, but it was all worth it for what happened at the very end. Molly and I woke up to pack our things and head into town for one last breakfast before we said goodbye. We ended up giving another couple a ride into town and had breakfast with them. We sort of dragged out the morning almost as if denying the reality of having to say goodbye soon. At least I was. Eventually it came, we said our goodbyes and I began a road walk that would take me all the way to junction City.

The road walk was boring, but fine. I watched vultures fight and was able to get enough service at one point to find out the warriors won the NBA championship. There’s not a lot to report on the way the walk looked. It was all pretty much the same shrubby oaks and pine trees along the way. However, right before I found my spot to camp I had an amazing experience with a gray fox.

I saw it ahead about fifty yards and approached slowly but surely it would bolt soon. It jumped into the bushes so I carried on thinking it was cool to see one. When I passed the area it jumped into I noticed it hadn’t gone anywhere and was within ten feet from me and starting at me. I slowly crouched and held out a hand and I swear to you the fox squinted it’s eyes and lowered it’s head and zig zagged back and forth as it slowly crept closer and closer to my hand. When it was about a foot away I drew my hand back because I got nervous it was sick or something, but it froze and stared into my eyes for a second and then turned it’s head and trotted away. I sat speechless and ended up following it down the road to get water for about ten minutes. All the way it would turn and look at me as we walked. Definitely the highlight of the day.

Now I’m stealth camped off the road in the midst of this heklish plant that has seeds that stick all over my shoes and socks. I’m excited to sleep and get I to town tomorrow. I have zero plans and may take the day to relax. We will see.

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