Day 7- BFT

Day 7: BFT

Today is the first Nero day I have taken willingly since the Long Trail. I woke up early this morning next to the road leading into junction City, hiked a few miles into town and have been chillin ever since.

I got to the junction City store in time to get my package and new shoes and did a little bit of shopping when I got the idea to buy a fishing pole and head out to the Trinity river for the day instead of hiking. Supposedly the fish we’re biting so I headed out to spend the day listening to the Astros and catching fish.

I did one of those two things. After five hours I gave up feeling defeated but knowing I now had a light pole I could bring with me for the rest of the hike and would have many opportunities ahead. My spot is gorgeous. I’m camped out on a beach next to the river with a small fire in the sand. The foothills of the Alps are right to the north and the sky is clear for another start night. I think I’ll leave tomorrow to start my ascent into the Alps, but maybe I’ll fish all day again. Who knows.

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