Day 10- BFT

Day 10- BFT

Well I finally did it. I caught a fish! I woke up early soaked from dew in my quilt and went back to sleep until the sun cooked off the moisture. I finally woke up to start fishing and caught two small trout. Not sure what kind but here is a picture.

After fishing until 11 I got ready to leave and began a peaceful walk along the lakes and started heading down hill towards Coffee Creek.

There was only one serious climb standing in my way today up to the top.of Packers Peak which is the BFT high point at just under 8,000 feet. When I got down to the valley I came to coffee creek road and took a break to prepare for the climb. The climb ended up being easier than I anticipated and I made my way up in just over an hour.

The summit was amazing. Beautiful views of Shasta and Lassen and the Trinities behind me.

After the summit I had a nice walk along a ridge and was following bear tracks and eventually came upon fresh scat I made a bunch of noise and walked with caution until I noticed the tracks leave the trail.

I finally reached a the ridge and made a fire next to some rocks and wound down for the night. It’s feeling incredible to be in these mountains.

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