Day 9- BFT

Day 9- BFT

Damn. Today I feel like the hike really began. I woke up next to a creek and got hiking going up and up for about five miles when I finally got to the top and got my first glimpse into the Trinity Alps.

Hiking today felt amazing. I climbed about 7,000 feet in fifteen miles and got to hike a part of California I have wanted to for years. The trail started by going on a single track rarely used through thick brush and small creeks. It climbed and climbed up the south side of the mountains switching back and forth until it finally dropped me over the pass. Immediately the trail went down into the valley and ran along the South fork of the Salmon river for about seven miles.

After a beautiful walk in the valley the trail climbed 3,000 feet up a dry side of the mountains in three miles. Luckily I hit this section in the evening and slowly made my way to the top with gaining views of emerald lake and surrounding peaks to the south west.

Above is a picture of the valley I walked through. I came over a pass at the top right of the picture behind the ridge in the front.

When I made it to the top I saw Caribou lake and made my way down the snowy borther side of the pass by skiing on my feet. I found a place next to the lake and started to fish without any luck. I’m sleeping next to the water and looking forward to waking up early to fish and slowly make my way further into the Trinities.

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