Day 14- BFT

Day 14- BFT

Nothing makes me feel more energized than coming off a zero day and hiking next to a creek. Today’s hike made me feel like myself again in how I like to hike. My body felt strong, I felt rested and the terrain was magnificent.

I woke up early to catch a ride to the trailhead and within an hour I was back to the North Fork of the Salmon River. The trail ran alongside the river for almost eight miles before it crossed and began a steady climb out of the valley. The lower elevation was pretty consistent with what you would expect; poison oak, small shrubs, dense canopies and tons of water.

When I began to gain elevation I got a little bit of views of the surrounding areas and was able to get a pretty damn good picture of the Marble Mountain Wilderness to the North. I noticed a ton of lakes on my male and decided to pull off at one called Wild Lake.

I got into camp around 5:30 and immediately went to fish. Within a few minutes I had caught a few fish when I noticed across the lake a bear wander down from the spring to the lake and get in the water. I crouched down to watch as it splashed about and eventually got up to start walking around the water. It was on a path towards me and I waited until it was about twenty yards away and started smacking sticks together and yelling at it and immediately it ran off.

I made my fire and cooked my fish before setting up my tarp to get in my quilt for the night. Tomorrow should be a nice and breezy walk down to lower elevation with a smooth uphill at the end of the day to put me on the PCT again. Hoping that bear stays away!

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