Day 8- BFT

Day 8- BFT

Mileage: 14.5

After 47 miles of road walking I am finally back on a trail. I despise road walking and it’s monotonous character and brutal impact on my feet and knees. Today’s road walk was a but more exciting as I would up canyon Creek with gorgeous views of the water and the eroded cliffs skirting the edges all the way up. It was also diverse in ecosystems. The trail started in Junction City, which is rather dry and hot, and slowly developed into a thick canopy of Douglas fir trees with Ponderosa needles blanketing the pavement. However, I am glad to be back on a real trail.

I woke up late this morning without a care in the world and heard a fish splashing in the river. I threw a line in only to come out empty handed again, but I’m still hopeful for the future. Tomorrow I camp at Caribou lake 6,000 feet up and hope to see some fish in there. After eating last night’s chocolate and a poptart I got my stuff together and made my way into Junction City one last time to grab a drink and say bye to the store worker who is mailing a package for me.
It felt good to walk fifteen miles without much effort, but it all kind of felt like a build up to something else. Days like that are hard for me to really feel like I’m doing something I love in the moment, but I know the payoff will come and that keeps me going. It sucks being alone in the woods in a lot of ways, but honestly right now I’m pretty happy. I got my fishing pole, my Tootsie rolls and a ton of fire wood to burn. The birds and chirping and the sun is slowly setting. Into the Alps!

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