Day 16- BFT

Day 16- BFT

I never want to leave the PCT. I know this section is one of the easier ones, but it’s so incredible being able to look around while hiking instead of constantly trying to find the trail. Even though this was my longest day yet I don’t have too much to report.

I woke up this morning at Paradise Lake and got hiking around 9. Trail was relatively smooth with a few gradual climbs to get you out of the Marble Wilderness and begin the descent into Seiad Valley. The descent is a smooth twelve mile chiller down Grider Creek with incredible swimming holes and rock formations. I got down around 4 and jumped in the water before a seven Mile road walk.

I originally thought I would have been out for another day, but in the end decided to hike an extra ten miles to make it into town. Seiad Valley is a great small community of people who are welcoming to hikers. I showed up around 7:30 and met a few other hikers before winding down in my quilt for the night. I’m going to zero again tomorrow and try to fish the Klamath, but I hear the fishing is dull right now so we will see how that goes. I’m happy to be in this town again and happy to know my next town is my last. My trail turns west here and heads for the coast! Also, I held a baby Grouse today.

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