Day 18- BFT

Day 18- BFT

I couldn’t have asked for a better way to start my last section of this thru hike. The trail out of seiad valley is a good climb back to higher elevation, but the terrain is amazing and the grade is so gradual you hardly notice you’re climbing until you get to the top. Last time I hiked this bit it was a cloudy day and I was able to get above the clouds at the end and get some wonderful pictures. This time it was bright and sunny.
Once the climb was over my trail splits west from the PCT. I could see my trail from miles away scaling the inside of the Ridgeline and occasionally making it’s way to a saddle for views of both valleys. The walk was stunning. I stopped many times just to try and take it all in feeling overwhelmed at grandeur of the landscape.

I was able to throw down miles faster than I have this whole trip and got to a beautiful lake around 4:30. I had thought about going further to a little pond, but thinking about how much food I had and how nice it would be to be done so early I threw my things down and went fishing. I love making camp feel like home and arranging firewood together and clearing an area to read. It’s all so calming and natural.

I’m now tucked away in my quilt listening to frogs and mosquitos. Tomorrow I’ll be in Oregon for a short period and then back into California for some time in red butte wilderness.

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