Day 19- BFT

Day 19- BFT

Days like today don’t come often for me on long distance hikes in that I got to talk to my girlfriend and best friend on the phone while at my campsite with a fire going. Such an incredible way to end a tough day on trail.

I woke up this morning at Azalea Lake and began my climb over the hill that was scortched from a recent fire. The trail led me onto the south side of a ridge heading west with amazing views of where I came from on the PCT. The terrain was smooth and gradual in grade. Eventually I came to a road walk that lasted longer than I had hoped, but it did allow me to make some miles.

Unfortunately when the road walk ended I was sent up what the writer of this trail called a trail, but it was more like a game of find the tiny flag on a tree and find a way to get there. This game lasted forever and after an hour I had barely gone a mile and my legs were bleeding all over from scrapes on fallen trees or gnarly bushes.

Eventually I made my way to the top of what I thought was the end, but saw a sea of Manzanita bushes where my “trail” was leading. I spent a long time and said a lot of cuss words in the next hour. Finally I made it to an old road that led me gently down to another road walk where I called my people and found an amazing camp spot right off the road with good water.

Since then I’ve eaten, made my daily fire and am now again in my quilt for my fourth to last night out here. Tomorrow is another big day of road walks, but I’m excited to knock down some miles.

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