Day 20- BFT

Day 20- BFT

Trail today was one of the most diverse days I’ve ever had on trail in terms of terrain and surroundings. I woke up early at my camp spot right off a dirt road and began a smooth easy road walk until I met my trail and everything changed.

At first things felt normal like a single track trail with an occasional Rocky climb to get over a Ridgeline to spit me out on the other side of a creek system. However, when I got to the south side of my final Ridgeline I descended towards clear Creek and immediately things changed. Clear Creek had a fire a few years ago and since it’s not a frequently used trail there has been little to not maintenance on it. So there were fallen trees, roots everywhere, occasional trail disappearances and random bush whacking. This was the last ten miles of my day and tomorrow I still have 13 more miles of it to go.

I did have two highlights of the day. The first is that the trail goes past wilderness falls where an awesome waterfall appears and a gorgeous swimming hole begs to be used. I took my last break of the day there and enjoyed the solitude of that beautiful creek. The second highlight was another bear encounter. This one was a bit too close for me though. I was fighting my way through the trail when I came upon a huge fallen cedar tree whose trunk was so wide that as it laid on the ground the top of it came up to my head. I stood for a second wondering how I could climb it and when I got closer I could see the other side when I stood on my tip toes and across the trunk there was a black bear right on the other side doing the exact same thing. We were as close as the trunk was wide. I saw its expression change as we spotted each other and I immediately backed away from the tree and started hollering and heard it romp away. My heart was thundering.

After a long and battling day I’m happy to be in my quilt next to the creek. My legs feel worked and my body is exhausted. Tomorrow is another battle day, but I’m crossing my fingers that after the bullshit it will be a smooth walk for the last thirty miles to the coast. Knock on wood.

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