Day 22- BFT

Day 22- BFT

Well it’s not a thru hike for me until I sleep in a public bathroom. On the AT, Ryan and I slept in one in the Shenandoahs, on the PCT I slept in one in northern Washington and now tonight on my last night on this trail I’m sleeping in one in Jedediah Smith state park in Redwood National Park. Why? Because I hiked my ass off to get to this camp ground and there are no spots anywhere! Also, it seemed fitting.

Other than my sleeping situation the day has been pretty good. I started with a twelve mile road walk in the burning sun, but was feeling lucky in finding three amazing springs to drink straight from without needing to clean the water. A huge help since I lost my filter.

Eventually I got back on trail for one last little climb over Little Bald Hills trail with views of the ocean, but a huge fog bank was rolling in and I didn’t get much of a view.

After that climb the trail eased me down into the redwood canopy and the terrain became magnificent. I made miles surprisingly fast seeing that I felt like I was walking like a snail in awe of the size of the trees surrounding me.

I ended up going into a small town just past the campground I’m now at to get a coke and on the way back tried to hitch instead of walking the mile back to the campground. A car pulls over and it’s none other than this girl named sketchy who I past getting into Etna with her boyfriend! They we’re hiking the same trail going the opposite direction and now she is giving me a ride to the trailhead. There’s no I could ever believe that unless it happened to me.

After catching up with her about their hike I began to wander around the campground for a place to sleep and was directed to the day use area. When I got there everything was being used and the ranger apologized for being out of spots. I hung my head, but went to use the bathroom and realized how big it was and how late it was and figured no one would mind me sleeping in there for the night. There are five other rooms so I’m not dominating the only space. We will see how this goes. I might wake up in the middle of the night by a ranger, but at least I’m keeping my streak up in sleeping in public bathrooms on thru hikes. Hiker trash to the core. I feel a little wrong for doing this, but I’m so exhausted at this point anything sounds good. Let’s see how it goes.

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