Getting Home

It would be pretty easy to just buy a bus ticket and get home to see Molly and relax in Santa Cruz for a while, but I still have a few days before a wedding I’m going to be at so why not keep the adventure going?

I met this dude along the way hitching down the coast. Such a trip.

I wanted to stay as coastal as possible and see as much of the California coast line as I could. I accomplished that mission.

My first night out I was picked up by a couple who offered me their couch and some dinner. They had a baby and a dog that kept me highly entertained.

I made my way down south quicker than I thought I would and of course met some insane people along the way, but mostly met incredibly kind and generous people who offered me food and drinks and even muscle relaxing salves. On of my longest hitches way with a brother and sister road tripping around the continent. Together we went to glass beach and took a lot of breaks to take in the grandeur of the California coastline.

AmaIngly I was able to make it to Santa Cruz by 11:30 last night and surprise molly thanks to so many kind people in the bay area helping me navigate the chaos of hitching through Frisco. I’m finally home and ready to relax and prepare for our next adventure in Vermont! Stay tuned.

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