Day 3: CT

21.3 miles

Alright this was going to be short and sweet. Camp tonight it’s tucked under a massive mountain right below tree line where the sunset has turned the entire month purple. My fire slowly cooking out and I am resting about to pass out and my tent.

Today was a really good day! First 20 + miles and my body felt really good. Lots of smooth terrain witg a few inclines that made me work really hard. For the most part I stayed on the inside lip of a ridge skirting around ranges in going over a couple of passes. Lots of snow around eleven thousand five hundred feet. It really makes things interesting up there. I got to glacade today which is really fun and the snow is nice and slushy so my body didn’t get scraped up or frozen. I’m expecting to see more people as I get closer to Denver. Alright well I’m exhausted another 20 miles a tomorrow if everything goes right.

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