Day 4: CT

22.7 milesWell, I wasn’t expecting to be in Silverton today, but here I am. I am currently camped out close to town where a few vagabonds park their sprinters for the night. My dinner was paid for by a very kind person in town and I couldn’t be happier having a zero day tomorrow in town.I woke up this morning feeling incredibly refreshed and ready to go. My legs felt solid so I set off at a solid pace that really never slowed down.I can’t really describe what happened on trail today because it makes no sense to me. The way this trail is laid out as it rolls between peaks and massive ranges is a work of art, but quite frankly I can’t understand what’s happening. As I rounded a pass today I noticed the surrounding mountains and figured I knew where I was and within an hour nothing looked the same.Short and simple; I spent the day going over passes and skirting the sides of ridges to maintain elevation. I never dropped below 11,000 and don’t think I’ve gone below 10,000 since Durango.My favorite part of the day was the last seven miles before town. The mountains began to roll out into the valley below and a huge expanse of Green hills laid the way to the pass. It was gorgeous.I got a hitch at the trailhead to some showers at a campsite, but then was taken into town for dinner by that same person who then showed me a perfect place to camp for the night.Tomorrow is a zero day in Silverton and I intend to eat, sleep and stretch and repeat all day. These next sections look intense with high elevation and probable snow pack. Thunderstorms loom everyday it looks like, but that’s Colorado.

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