Day 5 & 6: CT

Mileage: 20.2These two days will rival for the sweetest, best days on this trail. Not only did I get to see section 24, which most people say is the most gorgeous section, but I also got to do it with my partner and experience that beauty with someone else.The night before we started hiking we tried to park our car at the top of stoney peak, which is an extremely rocky, difficult road to get up. We made it maybe a quarter of the way and turned back to camp just below the road. We were nervous about getting to the trailhead in time with a big storm coming in around eleven the next morning, but luckily someone was heading up early so we were able to catch a ride up to the pass.This section of trail rides a gorgeous path above 12,000’ for the first 7 miles before dropping down a canyon towards elk Creek. The highlands are a spectacle and seem to stretch on for miles and miles with rolling green hills surrounded by rigged peaks with snowy tops.Dropping into elk Creek was beautiful as well. There were tons of blow downs from avalanches leaving sections ridiculously difficult to cross and me with a few good cuts and bruises. A couple of lightning strikes made me decide to get into the tent where were waited out the storm with Yahtzee and castle. Eventually we were back at it and made our way down to the Animas river and found our camp for the night.The next morning brought a slow uphill to reach back with Molas pass where I left off just a few days before. The plan now is to head home for a few days and begin again from the north side of the trail and make Silverton the end of my thru-hike rather than Durango, which feels great for many reasons. Now a long, long drive back to Denver.

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