Day 7: CT

Mileage: 16.6

Beginning the Colorado Trail in Denver makes so much more sense than starting in Durango. The first seven miles are smooth and easy along a graded road following the Platte River. These next few sections just appear to be easing you into the trail rather than having you go over 12,000’ passes immediately. Needless to say, I’m happy to be starting again from this direction.

Tonight I am camping next to the Platte River up a little bit in a rolling grassy field. I was able to do these past 16 miles today in about five hours, which is the first time since the PCT I moved that fast. Again the trail was very smooth. My body does feel worked and tired, but tomorrow I’ll be staying in Bailey for the night so I’m prepared to work hard for the rest.

About eight miles in the trail splits from the road and begins the single track trail of the CT. You never get above 8,000’ so the trees are in full coverage. There were a ton of people out and about today, which always makes me feel less lonely and more excited. Tomorrow I think there will still be a good number of people out, but the thunderstorms are supposed to begin in the early afternoon and that should keep most people inside.

Im looking forward to my biggest mile day as of yet tomorrow and a nice bed to sleep in once I get to Bailey. It’s so nice being back on trail.

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