Day 9: CT

Mileage: 26.6

Tonight I am camping in a grassy little nook tucked just underneath the trail. I’ve killed almost 200 mosquitoes. The sun is setting past the valley that’s before me and my feet are so happy to be done for the day.

Today was a very long day. I got a little bit of a later start just because I had to shuttle to the trail rather than waking up and immediately hiking. The first seven miles were a bit of a challenge with some Rocky terrain and a respectable grade leading up to elevation.

Eventually the trail opens up in a gorgeous meadow and brings you along a valley covered in wild flowers. This section is easily one of my favorites. After miles of Meadows and valleys the trail dove into the woods again and brought me down and into another section of rolling hills that blend into small towns and homes I could barely make out.

I wasn’t sure where I was going to camp, but I had enough water to dry camp. I found this little grassy spot with a beautiful view of the valley and correctly pointed myself in the direction of the sunset.

My body is exhausted as today was the longest day I’ve had in almost three years of hiking. It feels good to make so many miles in a day. Tomorrow is another big one with a good climb up and over Georgia pass. Just another day dodging lighting.

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