Day 10: CT

Mileage: 24

I had the opportunity to go into Breckenridge tonight, but felt like I didn’t really need to so I’m camped out just past a dirt road next to an older gentleman and a younger couple. The mosquitoes are insane, but I’ve had my tent up for a long time and finding shelter inside pretty much since I got to camp. We are next to a running creek that I can hear just over the roar of the airplanes that are constantly flying overhead. God I hate mosquitoes.

My day has been pretty good. I started off sluggishly making my way up a small incline, but quickly turned the speed up in order to get over Georgia pass before any chance of lightning. I could see the pass from miles away while I was down low in the valley. It didn’t seem daunting so my spirits stayed pretty high as I booked it up the mountain.

The trail stayed mostly below tree level, but when it did shoot me out of the canopy the view of the Ten Mile range and the surrounding mountains were stunning. The clouds looked a little darker than I’d like and we’re forming mostly right over the pass so I wasn’t able to enjoy it for too long.

The rest of the day brought a slow downhill that eventually led me to my camp spot tonight. My calf feels a little tight and was giving me some grief towards the end, but nothing a good night sleep can’t heal. Tomorrow night I should be at copper mountain resort!

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