Day 12: CT

Mileage 23.4

The few sections leading into Leadville are absolutely stunning. I got to spend most of the day to day hiking with another guy I met the day before coming over Georgia pass. It’s been a great day and now we are down in a hostel with full bellies.

The beginning of the day brought a good climb up to Sturly pass. The climb was smooth and gentle and I was able to keep a solid pass. When the trail left treeline it stayed open for about six miles. Just as I came over the stunning rolling hills of Sturly pass a golden eagle was flying around the pass.

The trail then traverses elk ridges and begins to drop back down as it passes Kokomo pass. The rest of the day brought a smooth downhill and a calm 10 miles into town. About three miles before the end of my day the trail crosses our road for the first time into Leadville. I almost hitched in here as the weather was looking pretty nasty, but I ended up hauling the final three miles on an old dirt road to finish the day just in time.

When I got to the road for the second time I met the older man I had met a few days and was given a ride into town by him and his wife. They took me to the hostel, to dinner and to Safeway to resupply. Trail magic is real on the Colorado trail! It’s nice being in a hostel early enough to spend most of the evening relaxing inside with a shower. Headed out again tomorrow hopefully keeping up this pace.

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