Day 13: CT

Mileage 26.7

Today is one of those days where listening to the weather forecast was a bad idea. I was sure that there was going to be huge thunderstorms rolling in early afternoon and would carry on for the rest of the night, but by 3 pm the skies had opened up and the rest of the evening was gorgeous. Unfortunately I retreated into down half way through my day to wait out the storms and spent about four hours hunkered down chilling at a hostel.

The first 13 miles flew by as I made my way to turquoise lake with some minor inclines, but nothing that took much out of me. The sky was dark and the clouds were completely covering the sky and the idea of taking advantage of another hitch into town grew into a highly anticipated next step. I got to the road around 11:30 and almost immediately got a ride into town.

I went to the hostel I stayed at the night before and posted up for a few hours while the storms blew through. Eventually the sky looked clean enough so I made my way back to trail and blasted through 14 miles in just about five hours.

Trail in these sections seems to be bringing me up and down the Sawatch Range, but without many views and sometimes it seems unnecessary. However, the trail is gorgeous in the sense for forest with spurts of Aspen groves.

Camp tonight is in a campground next to a dirt road. I got in late so had to improvise a place to sleep, which is an ability I pride myself in. I made a small fire for heating dinner since I forgot gas in town, made my bed and am going to pass out hard. Tomorrow is my last full day on trail before my sister’s wedding so I’m hoping to make some good miles. Hopefully some views will come into play as well.

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