Day 14: CT

Mileage: 27.9

So much elevation gain and so little views. Yet, it was still gorgeous and a great day to be outside.

I slept in a little this morning and just couldn’t find the energy to move quickly. For the first seven miles my body just felt sluggish and lazy. Eventually I made it to a road where I planned to take a break when I man drove by and asked if I wanted to run into twin lakes for anything. I thought how nice a Coke might be for a caffeine boost so he ran me into town and right back out. I opted for a healthier option and got a kombucha, but it still had caffeine.

The next seven miles were great. The trail skirts around half of twin lakes and brings you to the south side before another climb. The hike around the lake is extremely flat and smooth so I was able to move quickly and out the kombucha to use.

The climbs really started coming into play after the lake. By this point my body felt super awake and I made great time over the next few miles. The trail stayed mostly in the trees and brought me up and over small hills that slowly gained total elevation ascending the side of the Sawatch Range. Once the climb was over the trial begins to descend down to a gorgeous river in a desert looking ecosystem. The sun was beaming down and scorching me so I took full advantage of the river and took my last break of the day.

The biggest climb was saved for last. Gaining 2,600’ in 4 miles the trail gets up to 11,600’, but still was under tree line. This climb was difficult and exhausting especially since it was at the end of my day. However, I made it to the top and slowly descended down into another valley where there is a gorgeous Creek surrounded by mountains. A lot of other hikers are camped here as well so it should be a nice night to meet people and all together pray the rain holds, which right now is not looking so good.

Tomorrow I hike into Buena Vista to take a bus home so I can be at my sister’s wedding. I’ll have about ten days in total off the trail before I get back on to finish this oddly executed thru hike.

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