Day 15: CT

Mileage: 18.7

Today couldn’t have ended at a more perfect time. In the last mile the thunderstorms that had been brewing made itself known sooner than expected. I heard a huge crack coming from the West just under the ridgeline and immediately started sprinting. I could see the road leading into Buena Vista below me, but still had to run switchbacks in very exposed terrain. I ate it pretty hard turning into a switchbacks and went head first into the trail scraping my body pretty bad. I didn’t hear another crash of lightning and felt a little ridiculous for my outburst down the trail. I just hate lightning so much.

I got to the road around 1:30 pm and quickly found a ride into town. The decision on staying in Buena Vista so I could take a bus home the next day or hitch home was difficult, bit the first person who picked me up ended up being the only ride I needed all the way home. This guy literally took me to my apartment in Boulder. I had him drop me a little ways away, just to be safe.

The trail today was kind to me as I needed to make good time to beat the storms that were coming in around 3 pm. There was one huge climb with about six miles left that totally kicked my ass, but I was graciously given some trail magic (hot dogs, Gatorade and Snickers) before the ascent.

Im going to miss being on trail for the next few days while I’m in Cancun at my sister’s wedding, but I’ll be back in Buena Vista soon to finish this incredible journey through Colorado.

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