Day 16: CT

Mileage: 7.4

Today has been a whirlwind. I woke up at 5 am to go into work at my new job at a horse ranch. I busted out chores until 10:30 and then headed home to get my things together for the hike. Two buses, two lyfts and one lime ride later I was at the trailhead once again.

I was only able to take down 8ish miles tonight before I got too tired and decided to call it. The trail was smooth and nice as I eased back into hiking mentality. I have about a week left out here/175 miles until I reach my point at Stony Pass where I previously hiked to from Durango.

Not much else to report. The CT in the Sawatch Range kind of drives me crazy with it’s seemingly pointless uphills and traverses along the lower East side of the range. I’m sure there’s reason, but I’m ready to be back up high in the Rockies! The Aspen groves are gorgeous and the soft padded needle forest floor is nice on the feet, but I’m ready for some elevation.

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