Day 17: CT

Mileage: 29.2

Nothing better than being welcomed back to trail by a 29 mile day. Honestly it feels like not a day has passed since the few days I took off for my sister’s wedding. These miles flew by today, but again the trail layout infuriated me in this southern direction along the Sawatch Range.

I woke up ridiculously early today in order to get into town with enough time to get some shopping done for my next four days out. The first ten miles were a smooth and almost even single track trail leading down to Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort. The trail turns to pavement when a five Mile long road walk begins. This is where I got pissed. The trail turns west and heads into a valley, which I thought may mean that I get some good elevation and maybe even brake treeline. However after a small uphill the trail turns east almost immediately and brings you right out of the valley and again on the outer edge of the range. Wtf. I’m sure there’s reasons, it just seems weird.

After that the trail began a roller coaster that allowed me to catch a comfortable place and knock out some miles. Eventually I and to my road that led into Salida and got a ride from a super nice man who loves to talk about his lathe. I’m in a hostel tonight and have a ride set up in the morning to get after it again. Next town ill get into is Lake City, but probably won’t stay the night there. Five more days out here and then back to school.

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