Day 19: CT

Mileage: 28

This was a perfect day of hiking. I woke up at a good time, hiked consistently, took healthy breaks, had plenty of water for the waterless sections and got into camp at my favorite time; 8.

It’s surprising I had such a great day with how little sleep I got. Last night was so cold that I hardly slept and couldn’t keep my feet warm. It was awful, but I got the sleep I needed for a long day on trail.

The first few miles were a gentle climb that led to a huge grassfield that went on for miles and miles. Tons of cows were around and I even followed a mother and her calf for almost a full mile. They just kept hiking along the trail in front of me and I couldn’t catch them or pass them. I did once, but the ran and passed me.

After the cows, the trail enters the trees where I stayed for the rest of the day. The trail had some good up and downs, but eventually led to a road that leads into Gunnison where I took my last break of the day.

The final miles of the day were smooth and well graded as I gained a little elevation to eventually top out near a gate and an older man camping. I asked if I could camp nearby as this was my final destination for the day and he didn’t mine. We chatted a while and eventually both got in our tents. My body feels good and full after a long day. Three more days and the mileage will keep growing!

2 Replies to “Day 19: CT”

  1. I have enjoyed reading all your posts, again….this series a little more relatable since Colorado is my home away from home. Enjoy the last few days!


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